Andy T. Jones - On the Road of Life
Hard to explain how fast this week is going.  Seems like each week gets faster!  I can't believe it.  I remember as a kid going up how I would look forward to the weekends since I didn't like school.  Now that I look back, I believe I had an anxiety disorder as a kid.  So, I did some research and found this anxiety treatment resource.  I suggest that if you know of anybody who is suffering from child anxiety you recommend this.  So, tomorrow I will be watching basketball and taking it easy, after class that is!  Later!
One thing I really enjoy about this time of year is the NCAA basketball tournament.  It is really enjoyable to watch due to all the excitement and fun that is going on. One thing I also wanted to do is to get a job as a photographer on the sidelines at sporting events.  After all, you get to go to the game for FREE (most of the time) and you get  paid to take photos.  How is that for a blast?  Seems like a dream job.  I mean, what else could be that fun.  So, I did some research and talked to my friend's uncle, who has become a stock photographer in his career.   He gets paid for taking photos, and best of all he can take them again and again and again, and get paid again and again on photos.  Not a bad job, if you can get it!

Anyway, I'm off to go watch some games!