Andy T. Jones - On the Road of Life
What did you want to be when you were growing up?  Most people the answer most certainly isn't what they are doing now.  So why aren't you, at least in your spare time, going for THAT.  Of course you can be watching television and you have kid stuff, but you only have one shot at this thing called life! 

Recently I decided that I wanted to become a beekeeper so I have started on my journey.  Why am I interested in that?  Well, I like honey, I like nature, and I like going and enjoy and being outside.  Also honey bees are extremely important to civilization.  Einstein (someone who I think you'd agree was pretty smart) said that if the bee population died the human race would become extinct within a few years.  Why are they so important?  Because without the pollen of bees the food supply would shrink, shrink, and more shrink.  Also, I think without honey people would certainly get mad and upset. :)

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